I made this as a challenge to myself to see how it would come out. I'm pleased with it and although it's not the most comfortable thing to wear for a long period of time, in short bursts it's doable. Everyone who wears it looks good; very elfin.

Why tattoo tiara? I’ve endeavoured to form the front pieces into the words Love and Hate. Very tattooish.

Tattoo tiara

Tattoo tiara 1 Tattoo tiara 2 necklace 1 necklace 2 necklace 4 necklace 5 necklace 6 necklace 7

I love oriental mythes and legends and any myth and legend for that matter so here is the necklace of anami-no-Mikoto. It's a beautiful Japanese legend and well worth a read as it explains the origins of many of the Japanese islands and dozens of deities.

The necklace of Izanami-no-Mikoto.

The Goddess of both creation and death.

The Land Beyond the Trees. Tiara

This tiara was made as a special commission for a wonderfully creative individual living in London. I’ve used the idea of natural shapes and forms in nature and as the inspiration for the name of the tiara, The Land Beyond the Trees. Which is the familiar name translated into English for Transylvania. A very green, mountainous and picturesque country and the feature of many fairy tales and legends. Overall age average of the materials is about 115 years old. Now then, I've more or less just added most of the pictures that I took of this item, so as to give different perspectives.

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The necklace of Vegan unity

I made this necklace as an experiment in form and how I  could join tw0 forks together to create something beautiful. As it was to be first shown at the ST Helens vintage and vegan fair, I formed it into a V shape and then let it naturally develop from there with a vegan theme in mind. The result is as you can see from the pictures below and the necklace now belongs to a truly inspirational woman living in London.

VN 4 VN 1 VN 2 VN 3