Recently I’ve been fascinated with packaging and the richness that it can give to an item / thing that I have created. As everything that I make, it all has a meaning.

Witch barn, created for the Witch of Winter. The box was made to represent a barn or structure reminiscent of an older European age very Grimm’s fairy tale stuff. The doors represent the pattern of broken ice and the fragility of life. The interior of the box is painted white to represent winter and the box itself is to house the Witch who needs someplace to go when out of her season. Other stuff: cardboard box, brown paper and glue, bamboo skewer, wooden bead, white paint, cotton thread and peg clips.

Witch barn DSC_1672 DSC_1669 DSC_1677

Gimp box

I made this box to house the Life Clock. General construction, blue pvc type beach ball, cardboard box, brown paper,  old keys, rosary, thread, glue. The overall shape is that of a coffin with a blue knobbly covering. The cover reminds me very much of the gimp outfits one sees and everything from there just fell into place.

Blue represents heavenly purity, but as we see it's a falsehood due to the fact that it's gimp skin. A gimp outfit hides the wearer and they feel empowered to let themselves be dominated in what ever perverse way their dominator desires. The two keys on the side represent mystery as keys open doors to many different hidden places. The rosary can represent holy devotion but in this case it also represents corruption for it keeps the box secure but also freely allows you in to the gimp outfit and access to the Life Clock but maintaining the illusion that it's protecting you from evil.

gimp box 1 gimp box 2 gimp box 3 gimp box 4 gimp box 5 gimp box 6

Pirouette de L'amour packaging.

love box

A simple one this.  Former shoe box reshaped and edge stitched with heavy duty black cotton. Painted black inside and out and a picture hook used to act as a latch.

love box