Jason has already gathered together his band of Argonauts and set sail but has only got as far as the island of Lemnos. Now on the island live a group of well stinky women who have been cursed by the goddess Aphrodite. The stench didn't bother Jason or his men one jot as they stayed quite a while. Jason himself fathering a couple of kids with the queen! They left when Heracles decided that enough was enough and persuaded everyone to continue the quest.

Here we see Jason being mesmerised by the queen. She has a spinning mystical left eye which is a tiny fan recovered from an old laptop and powered by a button battery.

Jason and the Argonauts. The Golden Fleece.

Women of Lemnos necrohouse art David Alexander

The Women of Lemnos

Harpie necrohouse art David Alexander Harpie2 necrohouse art David Alexander

After many adventures our band of Argonauts reach the court of Phineus in Thrace.  Phineus was having a very bad time from a load of Harpies sent by Zeus to menace the poor chap. Jason felt  sorry for the king and after a bit of a fight killed the Harpies. Phineus was well pleased and so gave Jason a stack of tips and cheats which would help him in his endeavours.

Harpie menacing an Argonaut

Killing a skeleton necrohouse art David Alexander

Jason killing a skeleton

Some clashing rocks later and we are in Colchis to get the fleece which is owned by King Aeetes. The King promises to give the fleece to Jason if he can perform three tasks, Jason thinks that's not too bad but falls in to a massive blue funk when he finds out just what he is expected to do.  The Gods seeing all of this step in and make Medea the Kings daughter fall in love with Jason.  Now that Medea is on Jasons side she spills the beans on what to do for each task.

First,  plow a field with fire-breathing oxen, O my! Medea slips our hero a bottle of snake oil which protects him from the flames of the beasts. Jason  then was required to sow the teeth of a dragon in the field, seems easy enough but then boom! they spring up as a terrible army. The smitten Medea had tipped off Jason about this and so he wasn't phased. Now the army, although terrible were also incredibly stupid. All Jason had to do was to throw a rock in the middle of them, which he did. The army confused by this, attacked and killed each other.  The last hurdle was to get past the dragon guarding the fleece. This was an easy one for our boy, he just sprayed it with a magic potion which made the dragon fall asleep. Having now got the fleece, Jason and Medea left Colchis pursued by the King, but don't worry, they got away.

Here we have Jason killing a skeleton of the terrible army. I know they killed each other but it's for dramatic effect.

Fleece tree necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander

The fleece tree minus the fleece as Jason made off with it. The coat hanger indicates that there once was a fleece and the skull of the poor sheep whom the fleece once belonged to remains. The barbed wire represents the protection that the dragon once afforded to the tree but there being no fleece the dragon had to seek other employment.

Jason final days. necrohouse art David Alexandeer

Jasons final days

Lots more adventures on the way home including angry gods, sirens singing and a very large bronze man named Talos. Medea turns out to be a bad lot causing the death of Jasons dad but Jason doesn’t seem to bothered by the fact. The happy couple go to live in Corinth and whilst there Jason gets engaged to a woman called Creusa the daughter of the local king. Medea is outraged by this and kicks off big time. They split up but Medea sends Creusa a magic dress and when she puts it on it sticks to her body and burns her to death. Medea skips town sharpish. The Gods were not happy with Jason over his antics and abandon him to his own fate. The years pass by and one night whilst sleeping rough underneath the hulk of the rotting Argo, it falls on him, killing him outright.

Here we see Jason caught in a trap despairing at his lot but he did bring it all on himself.



The Witch of Winter wearing her cloak of childrens tears.

The Witch of Winter wearing her cloak of childrens necrohouse art David Alexander The Witch of Winter wearing her cloak of childrens necrohouse art David Alexander

The Witch of Winter. Her face reflects the detritus of life that winter has laid to waste and her fingers snatch the souls of the unfortunate in the grip of that winter.

My fascination with the Grimm’s fairy tales inspired me to make this sculpture. Often in the stories some poor starving parents were forced through poverty to abandon their children in the woods to fend for themselves or an evil step parent cast out a waif to the ravages of nature in favour of their own offspring. It still happens…

The Witches face is purposely left blank and polished to give a mirror finish so that it reflects the image of the misery and suffering of those that look upon it. She only snatches a soul if the body that it's in is just about to expire. It’s a kind of rescue, as the children’s souls are not left to wander the earth but have time to rest and find peace. She is winter itself, whose icy touch kills the last vestiges of life, but underneath her blanket of snow and ice, life sleeps and awaits a warmer time to start again.



The Witch of Winter wearing her cloak of childrens necrohouse art David Alexander The Witch of Winter wearing her cloak of childrens necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander

Above, see the souls of the children woven into a cloak. They await a better time when life can be kinder to them. But the misery of their past lives still shows in their faces, as deep as the scars that the Witch has left when snatching them away from life.

Terra Former, Earth Maker, Planet Shaper. The Creator.

necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander

Meet the Terra former, Earth maker, Planet shaper, The Creator.


Chained for eternity to the Universe, it’s sole purpose is to create and destroy, for through destruction one creates.


I created this piece to ask the question "what is God". People don't have in general their own image of God, they have an image that has been given to them, from parents, teachers, religious figures etc. So what is your image of God. Now don't come the twat by saying that you don't believe in God; use your imagination and think about what God could look like if there was / is one. Male or female or both. Pure nature. An entity made up of what ever.

My own opionion is that there is a timeless, shapeless energy mass, that can attract other energies and be used as a cosmic energy force for good or ill.

The thing is, a shapeless energy mass is a bit tricky to make using antique forks and spoons so I made this instead.


About the piece. The stone in the sculptures hands represents an earth size planet, to give some scale as to how large it is in my imagination. It is chained , representing that even all powerful beings are a slave to something, in this case it's the Universe. It can never leave or divert its attention to other matters. as it has a sole purpose of creation. The beastie also has scarab wings on it's back which are open, these allow it to travel through time and space creating other worlds and planets, but it's mighty jaws can also crush one in a snip if it felt like doing so.

Notes. It sits on an old spindle thing that I recovered from a video recorder, which is neat as it allows the piece to revolve around and the entire monster took an age to make, especially getting the balance right. It sits well at the moment and spins  very smoothly but tips over if given a slight nudge.

The Crown of Aegir. God of the Winter Seas

The Crown of Aegir necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander The Crown of Aegir necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander The Crown of Aegir necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander The Crown of Aegir necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander

Front piece, sporting an octopus figure.

Back piece and back piece detail opposite. The warriors face protects the wearer from any sneek attacks.

Above and opposite.

Detail of spinning thing from an old VCR and chain. The chain is made of from fork prongs, shaped and polished.

I made this piece as a part of the theme, Gods and Monsters of Winter. The Witch of Winter being a companion piece. It's my intention to have at least 6 pieces in the theme but so far I haven't gotten around to it as I keep getting distracted with other stuff. Notes - at some point I will change the fur hat from white to black. The frame is made of aluminium to help keep the weight down and so far lots and lots of people have worn it. Very popular it seems.

Skull in a coffin O my O my, skull in a coffin O my.

Skull in a coffin. necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander Skull in a coffin. necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander Skull in a coffin. necrohouse.co.uk David Alexander

Skull in a coffin. The skull is Skull no.20 and I made the coffin just for fun. The coffin is an old wooden wine box, cut to size and sprayed gloss black. The lid is a piece of aluminum cut to size with a shaped fork key. Inspiration for the lid is from a sardine tin. It makes me smile.

Life clock 1

The Diabolical Life Clock

One day whilst hunting around an antique shop looking for silver cutlery, I came across this old metronome, very dirty and apparently broken, so for a bargain price as they wanted to get rid of it, I bought it. A clean up and spray with some WD40, voila! The beast works.

The idea of the Diabolical Life Clock came to me whilst playing with the different tempos, it felt like the varied paces of life, from totally frantic to so slow as being at the point of death. I tried to reflect this by creating a back plate using ransom note letters. An individual could pick their pace of life, and then I introduced the clock demon who picked the pace for you, taking away all choice although you think that its you that decided. The back plate didn’t feel right to me and so I changed it for a copy of the Lords prayer in reverse, (always one to spook the religious). Still not happy I settled on a piece of polished aluminium so as to reflect the life of those that looked into it. The cat like demon seemed the obvious choice; it was as if the face chose itself as I was making it. It mesmerises you and pulls you in with its claws, you can’t help setting the tempo on the slide and setting it in motion. Tick tock, the demon has you.

1399727968970 1399907430284 The Diabolical Life Clock necro house art The Diabolical Life Clock 2 necro house art

Ransom note back plate

Reverse Lords prayer back plate

clock front C6 (533x1024) DSC_0745 C5 (525x1024)

Death Lamp

Death Lamp

Death Lamp. To light the way for the dead and to draw in and disperse negative influences.

Around the base we have flames representing hell, above those are the bodies of the smoted awaiting judgement as to their direction of travel, be it heaven or hell. The crosses being a very christian symbol, represent heaven.


The main body of the lamp is a heater from an old electric shower. I had to cut the base off and drill out the curley whirley heating thing that was inside and make a base plate out of aluminium for the tea light to sit on. The most difficult part of this project was to figure out how to make a door for the tea light aperture, I decided on a revolving type of one then spent a long time ensuring that it actually worked which it does.

Death Lamp 1 Death Lamp 2 Death Lamp 6 Death Lamp 8 Death Lamp 9 Death Lamp3 Death Lamp 4 Death Lamp 11

The Crow

I created the Crow because everyone needs a crow in their life.

Crow Crow crow crow crow5

Crow details.

lots of curly whirly bends and twists with this one. Plus it's a lovely free standing piece.

crow crow

Silver Whippet. This was made as a challenge to see if I could make one by only folding the metal as opposed to fixing it with tiny nuts and bolts.

Whippet 1 Whippet 2 Whippet 3 Whippet 4 Whippet 5 Whippet 6 Whippet 7